Does she belong to us?

Does she belong to us? Is she welcome?

It is common for Chathamites (people of Chatham) to see them around digging into trash cans, disemboweling garbage bags, or making harsh noises while sitting on trees or flying around. They are black (pitch black). They are noisy. They are nosy. They are omen (or are they?).

Whatever they are, our pitch black crows are here to roost in winter. They are great fans of Thames river trees. As a personal experience I should say that our home has happened to be very close to the Thames. Our family has the honour(!) to be very close to the crows favourite roosting place.

In my humble opinion they are not that much annoying. Once they thorn our garbage bag apart and scattered everything around. I can tell you that I wasn’t so happy when I was picking up rotten food and smelly diapers, but I learned my lesson. I have put the garbage out in tight-lid-trash-cans since then. No more incidents, I swear!

Anyway, if you are really annoyed with them you might like to know that the municipality of Chatham-Kent has a Crow Control program in place. Click here for more information. You may call and leave a message. Then, they will come to your place even noisier than the crows. You’ve got to tolerate the situation for an hour or so but then the crows are gone for a while and hopefully won’t get back very soon. The municipality contractor may even use hawks and falcons to scare the crows away.

Through the years humans and animals have found some ways to live together. Animals tolerate humans most of the time and humans in return either kill them, captivate them, or scare them away. What a balance! I call it neo-ecology.

Crows create a phenomenal scene

Crows create a phenomenal scene

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