How to Move to Canada – General Info

How to move to CanadaSo you are a US citizen who intends to move to Canada!

Canada is the second largest land mass in the world (Area = 3855100 sq. mi). This large country hosts less than 36 million people. Compare these figures with the US (Area = 3,805,927 sq. mi and population more than 322 million). One of the reasons Canada has such low population is the harsh weather. The majority of Canadians live in the southern parts of the country. Northern regions are close to the North Pole and almost inhabitable. Despite harsh weather Canada has many great features to offer, namely

Luckily Canada is receptive to immigrants, visitors, international students, and foreign workers. Canada intends to accept about 300,000 new immigrants in 2016. On top of immigrants, Canada welcomes millions of temporary residents and visitors every year.

Here is a brief list of ways a US citizen may move to Canada.

  • Become a permanent resident of Canada – Permanent Residents may live and work anywhere in Canada
  • Work temporarily in Canada – To work in Canada you may need a Work Permit. However, under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) you may be eligible to work in Canada without a Work Permit.
  • Study in Canada – If the duration of your studies is more than six months you need a Study Permit

If you need more information contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you with your transition.

Al Parsai, MA, DTM, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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