Some visitors to Canada are exempt from visas or need an eTA to visit the country, but many people need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to visit Canada. Not every applicant receives the visa. You need to convince an immigration officer you meet the following requirements before they issue a TRV.

  • You have a valid reason for visiting Canada
  • You have enough financial resources to cover the expenses of your visit
  • You will return to your country of resident before the expiry date of your visa
  • You are not inadmissible to Canada

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Some examples of valid reasons for visiting Canada include visiting relatives and friends, attending seminars or exhibitions, attending concerts and other public performances, and receiving medical treatment. When you submit your TRV application you need to submit some documents to explain why you are visiting Canada. If the purpose of your visit is unclear or shows you intend to study, work, or illegally stay in Canada the officer will refuse your application.

The financial resources refer to the money available to you or the person who is willing to invite you to Canada. You may verify the amount via your bank statements, salary slips or other financial documents. Do some research around the potential expenses you incur during the visit. Then make sure the documents you present verify you have enough money to cover those expenses. It is reasonable to purchase travel insurance for your trip to Canada.

The main reason for TRV refusal is when an officer is not convinced you will return to your home country or country of residence before the expiry of your visa. You need to show you have enough ties to your country of residence and have no reason to overstay in Canada. Emotional, familial, and financial ties are among the most convincing ties. Make sure to offer credible documents. For example, if your company offers you a three-week leave and they may fire you if you do not go back to work in a timely fashion get an official letter from them on their letterhead. Include all these documents in your package.

A rich history of traveling to other countries is a good indication you do not want to stay in Canada illegally. If you show you have travelled to other countries recently, make sure to present relevant documents to the immigration officer (e.g. visa counterfoils, entry and exit stamps, etc.).

The officer may refuse the application because the applicant is inadmissible to Canada due to medical reasons, criminality, security or terrorism, and organized crime. If you are in doubt that you may be inadmissible to Canada contact a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant or a Canadian immigration lawyer for advice.

Officers are trained to fairly process the applications. However, there is a considerable degree of subjectivity in assessing TRV applications. In other words, depending on how the officer views your application, they decide if they issue the visa or not. If they refuse your visa on inadmissibility grounds, it is very difficult to get a visa in the future. Consult with a professional about this matter. If they refuse the application on other grounds, you may submit another application with more convincing documents.

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