What I am about to explain in this article is a sensitive topic. I am not a lawyer, so do not consider this text as a formal description of parents limitations and degrees of freedom in disciplining their children. I personally condemn any form of corporal or rather physical punishment of kids. I believe that parents, guardians, and other people who deal with children could find smart methods of disciplining without harming the kids physically or mentally.

Is coroporal punishment acceptable?

Is corporal punishment acceptable?

Corporal Punishment in Schools and Educational Institutes

Neither teachers nor other employees of schools and educational institutes including but not limited to daycare, public, Christian, Catholic , boarding, and private schools are permitted to use corporal punishment techniques against children in Canada. Teachers are so limited in this matter that they are not even permitted to touch the students.

Corporal Punishment by Child Care Providers

Child care providers such as baby sitters and daycare employees cannot discipline children using physical punishment methods.

Corporal Punishment by Parents

Parents and guardians of the children may use corporal punishment with the following limitations.

  • The child is between 2 and 12 years old
  • They are not allowed to hit the face or the head of the child
  • They need to use their bare hand (the use of belts, paddles, or other objects is not permitted)

Parents need to have reasonable explanation as to why they are using such methods and also they need to limit the force at a reasonable level. While it looks odd there has been a Supreme Court of Canada decision on this case. Click here for more information.

It looks like that all Canadian provinces and territories follow the same rule. I must insist that excessive use of force against children or any kind of behaviour which shows child abuse or is harmful for the kids physical or mental health could result in prosecution of parents and/or guardians. Such parents may lose the custody of their children due to aggressive behaviour. If you want to practice corporal punishment make it minimal, consider your moral obligations and good judgment.

Honestly, I cannot imagine any circumstances that make the practice acceptable.

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