Resume or rather Résumé is usually the first document that you submit to an employer when you apply for a job. Whether your resume is accompanied with a cover letter or not, it plays an important role in the employment process.

This post includes some sample resumes in the formats that are acceptable in Canada.

Chronological Resume

This is the most common format for Canadian resumes. A chronological resume highlights your work experience. It presents the experience in a reverse chronological order. In other words you specify your latest role first. This type of resume is useful when you seek a job relevant to your work experience.

Sample chronological resume

Functional Resume (Skills Resume)

If you are pursuing a career that is not very dependent on your past experience then you need to highlight your skills and education. Functional resumes also known as Skills resumes are ideal for such situations. New college or university graduates may also consider this type of resume to find a job.

Functional resume sample

Combination Resume

A combination resume is basically a combination of  both skills and work experience.

Combination resume sample

Note: Sometimes you might be asked to submit a Detailed Resume. Such resumes are similar to combination resumes but you need to explain every achievement or duty in detail. A detailed resume may be several pages.

If you are a Chatham resident and need help with your resume you may refer to Chatham-Kent Employment Resource Centre which is located at  “Chatham-Kent Service Canada Centre“. For other parts of Canada consider the nearest Service Canada building. Depending on the area you reside in you may find other options too.

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