Thanks to Chatham Public Library I delivered a seminar titled “How to Own Your Website” last evening. At the time that we scheduled the seminar (back in December 2009) we were not aware that it could coincide with Canada vs. Russia hockey game. As you may know hockey belongs to Canada. We have invented hockey and we are serious about it. In other words ice hockey is part of Canadian culture. It goes beyond a game. It goes beyond sports.

Anyway, when I realized the coincidence I didn’t expect to see many people attending the seminar. Honestly, I myself was also anxious to watch the game. The turnout was, however, amazing. I expected to see less than 10 people showing up but in contrary to my expectations more than 30 participants attended the seminar. We had to bring more chairs to accommodate everyone.

Public Seminar Chatham Library Feb 2010

On the other hand I had designed the seminar for roughly 40 minutes plus a few more minutes for questions. Again the crowd surprised me. They kept asking questions. It showed how serious and interested they were. The seminar extended to more than 100 minutes. I must confess that I really enjoyed it.

I would like to thank all the participants for making the event such a success. Also thanks to the Chatham Library for their support and providing the facilities we needed at no charge. I will be delivering another seminar there on March 31st. Click here for more information. I have also received calls from many people about running the same seminar once more. I will do my best to arrange another session very soon. Please sign up to my newsletter to be updated about the upcoming events.

You may always refer to my Seminars pages for available seminars.

Images: If you would like to see some images of the seminar click here.

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