Get together in CanadaI wrote some articles in the past about sponsoring family members to Canada. Many people have read those articles and have posted their questions. The number of questions has passed the 300 mark so far. I have done my best to answer all those questions to the best of my knowledge and as quick as possible. Click the following links to read the articles and the comments.

  1. Immigration to Canada: Spouse, Conjugal and Common-law Partner definition
  2. Can I sponsor my spouse (husband/wife) to immigrate to Canada? HOT Topic
  3. Can I sponsor my brother or sister (siblings) to immigrate to Canada?

I have now decided to take this a step further and review your cases individually. I will then make it possible for you to get in touch with a certified immigration consultant if you are willing to. All you need to do is filling out the evaluation form. I won’t charge you for this service. I will also not share your information with anybody else other than the immigration consultant that I am associated with. Click here to fill out the sponsorship evaluation form.


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