Parsai Immigration Services - LogoParsai Immigration Services is located in the Financial District of Toronto at the Sheraton Centre. We have been active since 2010. We initially published articles about immigration. We have been offering Canadian visa, work permit, study permit, immigration, and citizenship advice and representation to our clients since January 2011. Our CEO and Senior Counsel is Al Parsai.

Al Parsai

Al (Alireza) Parsai, the CEO of Parsai Immigration Services, is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and a member of CAPIC and ICCRC. He has represented hundreds of clients from more than 20 countries to immigration authorities at the federal and provincial levels since January 2011. He is also a lecturer at Ashton College – Vancouver and teaches immigration consulting courses to those who would like to become future immigration consultants. Al also delivers workshops, seminars, and speeches for corporate clients.
Al holds a Master’s degree in counselling psychology, a certificate with honours in the Immigration Consultant program, and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Al strives to serve his clients to immigrate to Canada, sponsor loved ones, get study permits, get temporary work permits, and be represented at the Immigration Refugee Board hearings. Al has written more than 1000 articles or blog posts about immigration to Canada. Some of his articles has appeared on Canadian Immigrant and Newcomer magazines.

Parsai Immigration Services primarily operates in Ontario with several clients in other provinces of Canada and other countries. Our previous or existing clients are from Canada, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Hungary, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago, Japan, Norway, Germany, the United States, Spain, Ecuador, Ukraine, etc. If you can communicate and correspond in either English or Persian languages, We’d be more than happy to assist you. Please fill out our assessment form or contact us.

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