More than 40 million people visit Toronto every year. If you add other cities of Canada you probably need to triple this number. Canada is a top destination for travelers that are coming to attend concerts, conferences, sporting events, arts and cultural events. Millions of those visitors are from other countries. Event organizers like you play an important role in assisting them in visiting our country.

For many international visitors, the process could be fairly easy. Visitors from exempt countries can apply online for an eTA and become authorized to travel to Canada. Other visitors have to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).   While Canada is a welcoming country, the international visitors  could face any of the following hurdles.

  • Denial of visa or eTA to Canada
  • Denial of entry to Canada at the border
  • Detention at the border due to identity, security, medical, or other issues
  • Detention in Canada under the immigration or criminal laws
  • Deportation from Canada

Visiting CanadaHiring an authorized representative such as Parsai immigration Services could help in easing the flow of foreign visitors to Canada. We have represented hundreds of clients from more than 20 countries to immigration authorities at the federal and the provincial levels since January 2011. We can offer the following services under the supervision of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Al Parsai:

  • Pre-screening applications
  • Assisting with filling out the forms
  • Advising on necessary documents
  • Reviewing documents and forms
  • Submitting application to the authorities
  • Representing clients to the immigration authorities and border officers

Parsai Immigration Services

Our services could help you in the following matters:

  • Removing the visa/eTA application pain from your shoulders
  • Increasing the number of people who attend your events
  • Reducing your costs through outsourcing

We are proud to announce, Toronto Marathon, is one of our partners. To visit a partial list of our current partners visit our Partnership page. If you are interested to partner with us, contact our Corporate Relations Manager, Rene Gonzalez Acosta at +1 (647) 325-2244, or You may alternatively contact our office.