Canadian Settler Logo“Canadian Settler” is a website/blog dedicated to Canada. We currently publish the blog in English and Persian (Farsi) languages. The website introduces Canadian lifestyle, immigration matters, and refugee issues to the readers. The intent of this blog is to create a realistic image of Canada for those who are willing to live or work in Canada in the future.

“Canadian Settler” is also a great source of information for those who currently live in Canada. It uses a relatively informal voice to discuss current issues of Canada with them. The short but informative articles explain history, geography, politics, weather, and other issues related to Canada. The author raises some questions and tackle some controversial issues from time to time.

The author of “Canadian Settler” is a first generation immigrant to Canada. He therefore can view his surroundings a bit different from those who are born in here. He is also the promoter of multiculturalism to encourage the concept of Cultural Mosaic. You will be amazed to know what a fantastic country Canada is because of the existence of different cultures and ethnic groups who peacefully live together and contribute to Canada.

Since Chatham-Kent is where the author lives and also since he is the President for the board of directors of Cultural Coalition of Chatham-Kent many of the articles of the website are dedicated to the city of Chatham and its surroundings. You will find many articles that explain life in southwestern Ontario and especially in Chatham-Kent.

“Canadian Settler” is an interactive environment. Feel free to post your comments and ask your questions (other than personal questions about immigration matters). You may use the comment boxes located at the bottom of most pages or use the contact form to communicate with the author. Do not forget to sign up to our newsletter. These features help us to be in touch with you.

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