Canada Visa Refusals: Impact of Family Ties

Explore how family ties outside Canada influence visa refusals and discover effective strategies to strengthen your visa application.

Judicial Review for immigration refusals

Judicial review plays a critical role in the health of Canadian immigration regime. A federal court judge runs JR hearings.

Reconsideration for visa and immigration application refusals in Canada

A successful reconsideration request could result in reopening or even approving an already refused visa or immigration application in Canada.

Can I appeal an immigration decision in Canada? | Fighting refusals

If you appeal an immigration decision in Canada, you could reverse an adverse decision to your application.

Consequences of Visa Refusals in Canada

If your visit visa application to Canada is refused, can you apply for a visit visa again? What are your options for work, study or immigration to Canada?

Refusal of Visa and Immigration Applications

When you submit a visa or immigration application to Canada, you could face a refusal. This video explores the reasons for refusals and potnetial remedies.

Five potential options for visa or immigration application refusals

Five potential options for visa o immigration application refusals shows you how to deal with the refusals in Canada.

Proposed Changes for Easy Cancellations of Temporary Residence

IRCC proposes changes to simplify the cancellation of temporary resident documents, including visas, eTAs, work permits, and study permits.

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