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Al Parsai's BlogWelcome to Al Parsai’s Immigration Blog, your go-to source for understanding the intricacies of immigration to Canada. This blog is designed specifically for licensed practitioners to provide insightful, accurate, and up-to-date information on various aspects of Canadian immigration. Al Parsai, LLM, RCIC-IRB, CEO of Parsai Immigration Services, is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with an impressive track record of helping clients from over 55 countries. A distinguished educator and international speaker, Al’s expertise is widely recognized, and his bestseller “88 Tips on Immigration to Canada” is a testament to his dedication to sharing valuable knowledge. With Al Parsai and his dedicated team at the helm, this blog will serve as a reliable resource for practitioners seeking practical guidance, in-depth analysis, and the latest updates in the ever-evolving field of Canadian immigration. Join us and enrich your practice with the unparalleled insights Al Parsai and his team offers.

In-Group and Out-Group Dynamics in Canadian Immigration

Exploring the concept of in-group out-group and how it could affect immigration policies. An effort to encourage an unbiased viewpoint.

RCIC Competency with Co-counselling and Peer Review

RCIC competency blends knowledge, skills, and personal capacity, essential for effective client representation and service.

Criminal inadmissibility in light of Tran v. Canada

Tran v. Canada is a Supreme Court ruling that could impact inadmissibility to Canada due to serious criminality or conditional sentencing.

Post-Vavilov Standards of Review in Canadian Courts

The Vavilov decision has profoundly influenced the standard of review in Canadian courts. But what exactly is the “standard of review”?

Understanding cultural transition: A quick review of the terminology

Let’s explore the main concepts related to cultural transition in Canada. The article includes some examples as well.

Could Donald Trump or Melanie Trump be inadmissible to Canada?

This is an effort to explore the potential inadmissibility of Donald Trump to Canada in light of his current indictments.

Expert immigration support for The Bentway’s international artists

Parsai Immigration Services aids The Bentway’s art in Toronto with expert Canadian visa & work permit services.

Vavilov decision: A turning point in Canadian judicial review

Vavilov decision by the Supreme Court of Canada has affected the standard of review for the Federal Court and other entities.

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