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Al Parsai's BlogAfter eleven years of working as an immigration consultant, I (Al Parsai) have many stories to share with you. Of course, some of the stories are uplifting and inspiring, and some are disappointing and sad. Regardless, I feel obligated to share them with you through “Al Parsai’s Blog.” By sharing these stories, I’ll help you understand the realities of immigration to Canada. These stories are real. However, to protect the identity of my clients, I make some changes.

Since this is my blog, I’ll also share my opinion about Canadian visas and immigration matters. Consequently, the feel and look of this category are different from the rest of this website.

Without further ado, relax and enjoy Al Parsai’s blog!

Vavilov decision: A turning point in Canadian judicial review

Vavilov decision by the Supreme Court of Canada has affected the standard of review for the Federal Court and other entities.

Cancel an immigration representative in Canada

Sometimes you need to cancel an immigration representative for a valid reason. Let’s learn how to make this happen.

IELTS for entrepreneur work permits, IMP C11, C10, and C12

IELTS test results could be an integral part of an entrepreneur’s work permit application, or is it? Let’s explore this question.

Hire an immigration subject matter expert for movies, media, and books

Hiring an immigration subject matter expert could elevate the quality of your book, movie, and other creations.

RCIC-IRB v. RCIC – Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

RCIC-IRB is a special designation that some of the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants hold.

Travel history for Canadian visitor visa

Does travel history affect your chances of receiving a visitor visa in Canada? Let’s explore the answer from a legal point of view.

What is an IRCC number?

IRCC number could refer to many things including but not limited to an application number. However, there is no official definition.

Who are the immigration authorities?

Canadian immigration authorities affect the visa, permit, and immigration process in Canada, but who are they?

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