Applying for a work permit under IMP C11 at a port of entry

Applying for a work permit under IMP C11 at a port of entry

IRCC has updated the criteria for IMP C11. Please visit the updated article.
IMP C11 to PR

Saúl González is an achieved business developer from Mexico. He recently secured a work permit in Canada under the IMP C11 for entrepreneurs. Saúl, who applied for his work permit at a port of entry in Toronto, wants to share his experience to help more self-employed workers and entrepreneurs expand their businesses in Canada.

But, before talking about his experience at the port of entry (POE), let’s briefly explore what IMP C11 is and who can apply at a port of entry.

What is IMP C11?

Our CEO and RCICAl Parsai, explains that when people apply for a work permit in Canada, they usually need a special letter from ESDC. One of the responsibilities of this organization is to safeguard the integrity of Canada’s labour market. To do that, they assess job offers to foreign nationals and issue an LMIA letter. The acronym stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment. If the letter is positive or neutral, the foreign national may apply for a work permit in Canada. However, people may apply for a work permit without an LMIA letter in certain situations.

LMIA exemptions occur under the Internation Mobility Program (IMP). This program supports Canadian interests, Free Trades Agreements (FTA), and other reasons. Consequently, IMP has many subcategories, and each subcategory has a code. The unique code for entrepreneurs (job creators) and self-employed people is C11.

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Who may apply for a work permit at a port of entry (POE)?

Generally speaking, people may apply for a work permit at the port of entry if they are exempt from visas (TRV) to travel to Canada. People could become exempt from a TRV for the following reasons: their nationality, the documents they hold, and the purpose of the visit.

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Applying for a work permit under IMP C11 at a port of entry

Saúl, who travelled to Canada on August 2022, said his immigration process at Toronto-Pearson International Airport (YYZ) took about three hours.

  • When Saúl went through immigration, he gave the officer his ‘POE package’ prepared by Parsai Immigration Services.
  • The officer reviewed his package, and then they took his biometrics.
  • After that, Saúl had an interview with one of the officers. During the interview, which lasted about 25 minutes, the officer asked several detailed questions to Saúl, including:
    • Why did he come to Canada? What is the subject of his company? Who will be his potential clients? What did he know about Canada? And why did he choose Canada over other countries?

Saúl mentioned during the interview that he showed a one-year lease of where he would live in Canada and considered that this document helped with his entering the country. In addition, Saúl shared with Parsai Immigration Services constructive tips for self-employed workers and entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses in Canada:

  1. Research if what the company is going to offer has a market in Canada.
  2. Have a great business plan.
  3. Take into account what you will invest in the company and your life in Canada (house, car, furniture, etc.).

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Parsai Immigration leads the way in IMP C11 applications

When it comes to labour movements in Canada, entrepreneurs and international corporations need professionals on their side. At Parsai Immigration Services, we have had clients from all industries, such as Accounting, Agricultural, Fashion Boutiques, Fast Food Restaurants, Health and Fitness Clubs, IT Consulting, Marketing, Movies & Video Production, Retail and Wholesale Stores, Travel Agencies, among others.

To check how we’re leading the way and the IMP C11- Steps we take, please visit: Parsai Immigration leads the way in IMP C11 applications.

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