Canada Citizenship

Canadian citizenship is now 75 years old

Canadian citizenship is now 75 years old. The law enabled citizenship in 1947 and marked a pivotal moment in the sovereignty of the nation.

First generation citizenship rule in Canada

The first generation citizenship rule in Canada defines how a person born outside Canada may become a Canadian citizen by birth.

Getting a Canadian Passport

A Canadian passport is a powerful tool. However, not everyone qualifies for one. Let’s explore who could receive a Canadian passport.

The Basics: Working in Canada and Ontario

Let’s take a look at some of the basic factors of working in Ontario. The topics we are discussing in […]

Canada Day – A Reminder of Canadian Citizenship

You may become a Canadian Citizen by way of birth or through naturalization. This article reminds us of Canada Day and different options for citizenship.

Who is a Foreign National with respect to Canada?

If you wonder who is a foreign national with respect to Canada, then read this article. You will learn about citizens and permanent residents as well.

Changes to the Canadian Citizenship Rules in 2017

Anyone who is born in Canada on or after  Feb 4, 1977, is automatically a Canadian Citizen. Some people, however, […]

Naturalized Citizen versus Born Citizen in Canada

People could become Canadian citizens by way of grant (naturalization) or by birth. How these options are available and what are the differences?

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