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Parental sponsorship process in 2020

The parental sponsorship process in 2020 is different from the process in 2019. In fact, it is a lottery system rather than FCFS.

US Citizens Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada for a US citizen is a difficult decision. However, you need to know your options first to make a move.

Caregiver Pilot Program Process

If you qualify for the caregiver pilot program, you may consider going through the caregiver pilot process to work and immigrate to Canada.

Who Qualifies for the Caregiver Pilot Program

The caregiver pilot program is a special work permit and immigration application option for caregivers of children, the elderly or the disabled.

Open Study Permit Canada

An open study permit in Canada allows you to pick your school later when you move to Canada. However, how could you qualify for one?

Can US Citizens Work in Canada?

You may wonder if US citizens could work in Canada. While there are many opportunities available to them, you must be aware of the restrictions.

Can I enter Canada?

The answer to the question “Can I enter Canada?” depends on your status concerning Canada: a Canadian citizen or PR or foreign national.

IELTS for self-employed immigration – Do I need to take the test?

When you immigrate as a self-employed person, you could take the IELTS or other accepted language tests to show your mastery of Canadian languages.

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