Canadian Professional Development Workshop

One of the many ways to move to Canada is to find an employer that will offer you a position in their company. You may then move forward with the work permit process.

Getting hired by a Company in Canada from the outside is nearly impossible. You could, however, increase your chances of getting a work permit in Canada by attending our exclusive Canadian Professional Development Workshop in Toronto. This program is in partnership with the Global School of Corporate Excellence.

What is this program about?

We assist you with the visa or eTA application to Canada (including preparation of the package, reviewing your documents, submitting the application, and representation to the Canadian authorities)*.

Upon arrival to Canada you will attend a 3-day intensive professional development seminar, where you will receive intensive training on the following matters:

  • Learning to network and find Canadian employers
  • Gaining experience in résumé (CV) writing for Canadian jobs
  • An exclusive coaching seminar on how to respond in an interview
  • A LinkedIn and job sites resume update and critique
  • Attending local job networking events with your network
  • Receiving leads for employment in your network
  • A one of a kind introduction to Canadian lifestyle, taxes, real estate, and insurance structure
  • Receiving a free of cost online Business English Course to prepare you even before you arrive in Canada
Location: Toronto, Canada
Duration: Three full days
Start Date: June 3, 2019
Visa and eTA Services: Included
Accommodation: Included (up to three nights)
Package price: Please contact us!


Talk to one of our corporate business experts on WhatsApp (Monday to Friday only). They will explain in detail the starting dates, costs and immigration arrangement:

  • Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and English languages: +1-647-325-6678
  • Persian and English languages: +1-416-428-3508

Book a consultation session with Al Parsai, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and an Instructor of Immigration Consulting at Ashton College. Al speaks English and Persian, but the sessions could also be in Urdu, French, and Spanish with our in-house interpreters.

Some relevant articles by Al Parsai, MA, DTM, RCIC


*Your representative will be Al Parsai, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. The issuance is visa is at the sole discretion of the Government of Canada. Therefore, we cannot guarantee your success.

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Al Parsai

Al Parsai is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in Toronto, Canada. He also teaches the official immigration consulting courses at Ashton College in Vancouver, Canada. Al who holds a Masters degree from Yorkville University is a member of ICCRC and CAPIC organizations. Al, the CEO of Parsai Immigration Services, has represented hundreds of applicants from more than 30 countries to the immigration authorities since January 2011.

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