Canadians Visa Restrictions

If you are a Canadian citizen who holds a valid passport then you might like to know if you need a visa to travel to another country. According to “Henely Visa Restrictions Index” Canadians are one of the least restricted citizens in terms of travelling around the world. The latest report shows that Canadians can travel to 154 countries without a travel visa. The following table shows the first 5 and the last 5 ranks in Henely’s Index.

Rank Countries Score*
1 Denmark 157
2 Finland, Ireland, Portugal 156
3 Belgium, Germany, Sweden, United States 155
4 Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain 154
5 Austria, Norway 153
85 Lebanon, Myanmar 27
86 Sudan 26
87 Iran, Pakistan, Somalia 25
88 Iraq 23
89 Afghanistan 22

*Number of countries and territories which can be entered without a visa by a citizen of the respective country. Data accurate as of September 1, 2008.

Tourist Visa Requirements for Canadians

If you intend to travel to another country make yourself familiar with visa requirements and also the current situation in that country. The visa requirements could vary according to your intentions. For example you may need a visa for business trips but no visas when you travel as a tourist. You may also encounter other restrictions such as bad weather conditions, unstable political situations, pandemic diseases, and so on.

The best source you may refer to is the “Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada” website. The website shows a complete list of the countries. Click the name of the country and get information about visa requirements and/or existing restrictions or warnings.

An alternative method is to contact the embassy or consulate of that country directly. Click here for a list of the existing offices in Canada. Since the source is not official the list may not be up-to-date. It may also contain errors.

If this is the first time that you are travelling to a country it would be a good idea to obtain information about it. While you may find numerous books at your local bookstore or public library I also suggest reviewing the country’s profile.

Dual Citizenship

Those Canadians who hold the passport of another country may face certain restrictions or enjoy certain benefits. Click here for more information.

Canadian Embassies and Offices Abroad

When you are outside Canada you might need to contact Canada foreign offices for assistance with certain issues such as loss of passport or legal problems. The “Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada” website shows a complete list and contact information of those offices. I strongly recommend that you write down the contact information prior to leaving Canada.

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