Immigration Case Laws

Discover pivotal decisions in Canadian immigration law with our ‘Immigration Case Laws’ category. We dive into essential court rulings that shape immigration policies, offering clear, insightful summaries. From asylum cases to complex inadmissibility hearings, our content demystifies legal intricacies. This category is essential for anyone keen on understanding the legal impacts of immigration in Canada.

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Stay connected with the evolving world of immigration law. We provide a platform where you can engage with current legal trends and understand their implications for future policies. Our category serves as a bridge, connecting legal theory with real-world applications in immigration.

Due Diligence: Insights from Singh v. Canada 2024 FC 576

Explore key insights from Singh v. Canada 2024 FC 576 on the critical role of due diligence in immigration consulting.

Two-Pronged Test in Addressing Internal Flight Alternative (IFA)

Explore the definition of IFA (Internal Flight Alternative) and the crucial two-pronged test in refugee claims and PRRA applications.

Canada Visa Refusals: Impact of Family Ties

Explore how family ties outside Canada influence visa refusals and discover effective strategies to strengthen your visa application.

Canadian Residency Obligation based on Ambat v. Canada

Explore Ambat v. Canada: a pivotal case on meeting Canadian residency obligations and the impact of employment abroad and H&C grounds.

Revisiting Toth v. Canada in the Context of Stay of Removal Orders

The Toth Test, deriving from the Federal Court of Appeal’s decision in Toth v. Canada, examines granting a stay of removal orders.

Strategic Insights on Appeals vs. Judicial Reviews for Practitioners

Explore key differences between appeals and judicial reviews in immigration law. Guidance for professionals on strategic decision-making.

Metallo v. Canada 2021 FC: Reshaping Residency Obligation

Explore the pivotal ‘Metallo v. Canada 2021 FC 575’ case: a Federal Court review of residency obligations in Canadian immigration law.

Criminal inadmissibility in light of Tran v. Canada

Tran v. Canada is a Supreme Court ruling that could impact inadmissibility to Canada due to serious criminality or conditional sentencing.

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