Chatham-Kent Weather

Chatham-Kent is nearly the most southern point of Canada. It is therefore closer to equator and farther from the north pole. The exceptional geographical location of Chatham-Kent makes its weather milder comparing to most places in Canada.

Chathamite (people of Chatham) enjoy a bit more of summer and suffer a bit less of winter. Of course we have harsh winter weather as well. Sometimes the temperature stays well below the freezing point of water (32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius). However, in general the weather is better than many cities located in Ontario and especially other cities of Canada. The following links and widgets offer live information about the weather and weather related issues such as school bus cancellations in Chatham Ontario and other cities of Chatham-Kent.

Chatham, Ontario Weather in Fahrenheit

Chatham, Ontario Weather in Celsius

Chatham-Kent Weather 7 Day Forecast

For the 7 day forecast of the Chatham-Kent weather click here. The link takes you the Environment Canada (Weather Office) website.

Chatham-Kent School Bus Info

If you would like to know whether the school buses are running today or not click here.

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