COPR holders

COPR holders with expired documents still have hope

On June 21, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino opened up Canada’s border to COPR holders. On that day, approved permanent residents were exempt from travel restrictions no matter what date their COPR was issued. However, those with an expired (or expiring) COPR were told not to travel.

The good news is that now IRCC is making some exceptions for people with an expired (or expiring) COPR and permanent resident visa. Check the new instructions!

People with an expired (or expiring) COPR and permanent resident visa

If you have an expired COPR, you won’t be able to travel to Canada until IRCC reissues your documents. However, IRCC is making some exceptions if you couldn’t travel to Canada due to COVID.

“We’ve already contacted most people with expired COPRs issued on or before March 18, 2020, to explain what to do. If we already sent you instructions to do a new medical or submit updated documents, follow them and wait for us to tell you what happens next. You don’t need to contact us again.” IRCC explained in a press release. “We’re also working to contact anyone else with expired COPRs, including those issued after March 18, 2020.”

IRCC is sending an email to COPR holders about their applications. You must answer the email and tell immigration that you still want to come to Canada. In the email IRCC might ask for:

  1. New medical exams and/or updated information. If you need new medical exams, IRCC will send you new instruction forms after you reply to the email.
  2. You may also need to provide information about your family situation in case it has changed. For example: newborn, marriage, divorce.
  3. Immigration may also need updated documents if the ones you previously submitted are no longer valid. For example: police certificates, medical exams, etc.

You need to wait for their instructions!

COPR holders travelling to Canada

You can travel to Canada once IRCC confirms in writing that they re-issued your documents and have
sent you a reprinted COPR. If you need one, they will also send a new visa sticker in your passport. Once they reissue your COPR, they will send you the documents you need to travel.

If you’re already living in Canada

IRCC cancelled all in-person permanent resident landing appointments at their offices in Canada until further notice.

If you haven’t gotten your COPR yet

Currently, immigration is finalizing applications based on the documents you submitted with your application. In some cases, they may need to contact you before they can finalize your application.

Be aware that finalizing applications may take longer than usual during this time. But, after they finalize your application they’ll send you an official letter that you can use while you wait for your PR card.

You can use this letter to prove you’re a permanent resident of Canada, and apply for benefits and services you’re eligible for.

If you got your COPR, but haven’t landed

If you haven’t been able to validate you COPR, IRCC will contact you to tell you what to do. You should not travel to a port of entry to validate your COPR. This is not considered essential travel and you won’t be able to validate it this way.

Permanent resident cards

Once you become a permanent resident, IRCC will send you a document to confirm your new status in Canada. While you wait for your PR card, you can use your signed COPR document (if you have one), or the letter confirming permanent resident status.

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