Express Entry

Upfront Medical Exam – IME without a letter

An upfront medical exam could be a necessary step in some immigration or temporary resident applications. You do not need an IME letter.

IRCC issues ITAs for 27,332 Express Entry applicants

Canada issues more than 27000 ITAs for Express Entry applicants under the Canadian Experience Class on Feb 13, 2021.

Bridging Open Work Permit in Canada – BOWP

If you qualify for a Bridging Open Work Permit in Canada (BOWP), you could remain in Canada while waiting for your permanent residence.

Arranged employment vs work reference letter for Express Entry

Arranged employment and work reference letters are sometimes confusing to Express Entry applicants. Here we explore the differences.

Express Entry Canada in 2021: Is there hope?

Express Entry went through many ups and downs last year, but what about Express Entry Canada in 2021? Is it a good option?

CLB vs TCF Canada – NCLC Equivalency Table

Get access to the equivalency table between TCF Canada and CLB or NCLC for immigration to Canada under Express Entry or other options.

Canadian Work Experience for Express Entry

While immigrating under the Express Entry, your work experience in Canada could help you gain CRS points and qualify you for CEC.

ECA Canada – Educational Credentials Assessment

If you intend to immigrate to or study or work in Canada, you probably need an ECA report or rather an Educational Credentials Assessment.

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