Express Entry

CLB vs TEF Canada – NCLC Equivalency Table

TEF Canada is a French-language test available to those who intend to immigrate to Canada. The table helps you match TEF results with CLB or NCLC.

Video: Express Entry Immigration to Canada

The Express Entry system is the most popular immigration option for Canada and covers three immigration programs: FSWC, CEC, and FSTC. Watch the video!

Express Entry Points and CRS Calculator

Express Entry Points play an important role in immigration to Canada under the Express Entry system. This article shows a breakdown of the points.

Minimum Requirements for Express Entry Canada

When you apply for Canadian immigration under the Express Entry, you need to meet specific minimum requirements, or you may not apply.

Minimum Language Requirements for Express Entry

Giulia is an Italian citizen. She holds a master’s degree in engineering. Despite several years of work experience and a […]

Job offer Express Entry

Min Jun is a Korean citizen who is 32 years old. He entered Canada as an international student and completed […]

List of Jobs for the Federal Skilled Trades Program

If you apply to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), your work experience needs to fall […]

Federal Skilled Worker points and FSW calculator

If you apply for immigration to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSW or FSW) candidate, you need to […]

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