Express Entry

CLB vs TCF Canada – NCLC Equivalency Table

Get access to the equivalency table between TCF Canada and CLB or NCLC for immigration to Canada under Express Entry or other options.

Canadian Work Experience for Express Entry

While immigrating under the Express Entry, your work experience in Canada could help you gain CRS points and qualify you for CEC.

ECA Canada – Educational Credentials Assessment

If you intend to immigrate to or study or work in Canada, you probably need an ECA report or rather an Educational Credentials Assessment.

Canada Immigration News – May 2, 2020

A video on the latest developments in Canada immigration during the COVID-19 pandemic! Canada Immigration News is a new feature on our website.

Settlement Funds Express Entry

Most Express Entry applicants need to show proof of settlement funds. They need to show they have access to unencumbered funds for settling in Canada.

CLB vs TEF Canada – NCLC Equivalency Table

TEF Canada is a French-language test available to those who intend to immigrate to Canada. The table helps you match TEF results with CLB or NCLC.

Video: Express Entry Immigration to Canada

The Express Entry system is the most popular immigration option for Canada and covers three immigration programs: FSWC, CEC, and FSTC. Watch the video!

Express Entry Points and CRS Calculator

Express Entry Points play an important role in immigration to Canada under the Express Entry system. This article shows a breakdown of the points.

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