Immigration Minister new permanent residency pathway

Immigration Minister to establish a new permanent residency pathway

Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, is working under a tight timeline to establish a new permanent residency pathway, “not just for international students, but also for temporary foreign workers,”  he told CBC’s The House.

Last year, Canada announced it would accept 90,000 applications from temporary residents under a one-time, temporary to permanent resident (TR to PR) program which was closed on November 5th, 2021. However, the new program won’t be identical to the old one.

“We are looking right now at the best path forward to create a permanent pathway for temporary residents,” Fraser said.

Further, he mentioned he’s working under a 120-day timeline established in a motion approved by the Commons last month. “That actually puts me on a clock to come up with a framework,” he added.

“We’re in the depths of planning the policy so we can have a policy that’s not driven by a need to respond urgently in the face of an emergency, but actually to have a permanent pathway that provides a clear path for those seeking permanent residency who can enter Canada.”

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Canada to welcome almost 432,000 newcomers

Canada is targeting high levels of newcomers to support its population, labour force, and economic growth. This year, Canada will welcome 431,645 new immigrants in the following categories:

  • Economic: 241,850
  • Family: 105,000
  • Refugees and Protected Persons: 76,545
  • Humanitarian and Other: 8,250

During the interview, the Minister of Immigration said his department is ahead of schedule, despite the pandemic and unexpected pressures. According to Minister, last week they resettled the 200,000th permanent resident. “More than a month and a half ahead of any year on record in Canada,” he said. 

“We are seeing similar trends across other lines of business like citizenship, like work permits, which in many instances are double the usual rate of processing.”

In the interview with Canada’s national broadcaster, the immigration minister did not divulge any details of this new pathway. But Canada is known to be currently facing a massive labour shortage. 

Canada has a record high of 1 million job vacancies

The Canadian labour market continues to recover according to a new Statistics Canada report. The Payroll employment report reveals that Canadian employers were actively seeking to fill more than one million (1,012,900) vacant positions at the beginning of March 2022. Moreover, vacancies increased by 22.6% (+186,400) in the month and were up 60.5% from March 2021.

To know more about the sectors facing record-high job vacancies, please visit the following article:

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