Canada Immigration News

Canadian Immigration Options in 2024

This article outlines various potential immigration pathways to Canada in 2024, including options for temporary residency.

Work & Study Permits for Israeli & Palestinian Families in Canada

Canada has considered a special public policy for issuing work permits or study permits for certain Israelis and Palestinians.

Ontario Suspends Entrepreneur Immigration Stream (OINP-ES)

Ontario has removed the Ontario Entrepreneur Immigration Stream (OINP-ES) from their website. What’s happening?

Canada Family Immigration: Colombians, Haitians, Venezuelans

A policy aiding Haitian, Colombian, and Venezuelan nationals with Canadian family ties to immigrate and reunite.

IRB to Relocate the Toronto Office

The Immigration Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) in Toronto is relocating. Please check their latest contact information for the new address.

Canada’s Move to Boost Temporary Foreign Workers’ Earnings

Canada will adjust the LMIA requirements in January 2024 to ensure the program’s integrity and address the labour market needs.

Canada’s approach to the digital nomad visa for remote workers

Canada is exploring its options to issue digital nomad visas for IT professionals and others. What are the current options, though?

Exploring benefits of Canada’s visa-exempt travel for 13 countries

Canada’s visa-exempt travel now covers 13 more nations, making visits for work or leisure more accessible.

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