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Canada extends the grace period for restoration of status

Now that Canada has extended the grace period for restoration of status, you could quickly submit your application to avoid a removal order.

Moving to Canada as a refugee in 2021

By moving to Canada as a refugee in 2021, you could eventually become a permanent resident of Canada. However, you need to know the rules.

Study in Canada in 2021: options for international students

If you intend to study in Canada in 2021, please read this article to know your options as COVID-19 has affected the process.

Working in Canada in 2021 as a foreign national

Working in Canada in 2021 won’t be easy for foreign nationals as we are dealing with the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Canada’s family sponsorship programs in 2021

Canada’s family sponsorship programs in 2021 may not be that promising, but there is some glimpse of hope for the sponsors and applicants.

Express Entry Canada in 2021: Is there hope?

Express Entry went through many ups and downs last year, but what about Express Entry Canada in 2021? Is it a good option?

Business immigration to Canada in 2021

Canada intends to accept 401,000 immigrants in 2021. However, what is the composition of those immigrants? Is business immigration to […]

The end year EE draw drops CRS to 468 and PNP updates for you

The latest Express Entry draw and PNP updates in 2020, as late as December 23, 2020. The CRS dropped to 468.

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