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The end year EE draw drops CRS to 468 and PNP updates for you

The latest Express Entry draw and PNP updates in 2020, as late as December 23, 2020. The CRS dropped to 468.

Pathway for permanent residency of refugee claimants in healthcare

A special pathway for refugee claimants in the healthcare sector allows them to apply for permanent residency without an IRB hearing.

Online confirmation of permanent residence in Canada

You may now qualify to certify your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) online instead of a POE or at an inland IRCC office.

Nationalities exempt from the resumption of removal orders from Canada

Despite the resumption of removal orders from Canada, some nationalities remain exempt and could stay in Canada for now.

Service Canada resumes online booking for biometrics

You may now book an appointment online with Service Canada to give biometrics. This option is for visas and immigration applicants.

CRS score drops to 469 and provinces continue to invite immigrants

The latest updates on the Express Entry and rounds of invitation by the provinces of Canada for PNP immigration!

The Minister of Immigration enacted the CICC Act

The Minister of Immigration has enacted the CICC Act. CICC is a regulatory body that will soon replace ICCRC. More oversight of consultants!

IRCC introduces an open work permit option for Hong Kong residents

Open work permits for Hong Kong residents are among many other measures IRCC has introduced to encourage them to move to Canada.

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