Canada Immigration News

Canada will accept parental sponsorship applications on October 13, 2020

IRCC will accept parental sponsorship applications on October 13, 2020, on a lottery-based system, which is different from what they promised.

IRCC expands the list of people who may enter Canada despite coronavirus travel restrictions

RCC will expand the list of foreign nationals who may travel to Canada on October 8th and later on October 20, 2020.

Canada will speed up processing spousal sponsorship application

IRCC will speed up the processing spousal sponsorship applications by implementing some new measures, including more remote processing.

Many permanent resident applicants are now exempt from giving biometrics

If you are a permanent resident applicant, you could be exempt from giving biometrics because of the news measures by IRCC.

IRCC makes some changes to the rules for international students

IRCC has introduced two new rules that affect international students during the coronavirus pandemic. One of them is good news.

The Latest Rounds of Invitations for Express Entry, BC and other provinces

The latest rounds of invitations by the federal government under the Express Entry system and by provinces under PNP!

Apply for work permit inside Canada for visitors | A temporary measure due to COVID-19

If you are a visitor in Canada, you could apply for a work permit inside Canada, thanks to a temporary policy by IRCC due to COVID-19.

The latest Express Entry and PNP Invitations

Canadian authorities have invited thousands of people to apply either under the Express Entry system of PNP options. Let’s take […]

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