Immigration to Canada

This category discusses immigration to Canada and issues related to immigrants and new immigrants to Canada.

eCOPR – Electronic Confirmation of Permanent Residence in Canada

eCOPR is a new option for confirming the permanent residence of immigration applicants inside Canada. You receive your Confirmation of Permanent Residence electronically.

LICO Table 2022 – Low Income Cut-Off Canada

LICO table 2022 reflects the low-income cut-off or, rather, the poverty line in Canada. The article also shows LICO for 2018 and 2021.

Permit Holder Class: from TRP to PR

A Permit Holder Class holds a valid TRP and resides in Canada. If they meet other requirements, they may apply for permanent residence.

TEER Categories replace Skill Levels in NOC 2021

TEER categories, a new concept in NOC 2021, stands for Training, Education, Experience and Responsibilities. TEER vs. Skill Types!

ITA or Invitation to Apply in Canadian Immigration

ITA or Invitation to Apply is critical in most online federal and provincial immigration options to Canada.

TOEFL for Canadian immigration | TOEFL vs IELTS and CLB

Can you use TOEFL for Canadian immigration? This article introduces TOEFL and compares it with IELTS and CLB for Canada.

Schedule A form Canada: The most important immigration form (IMM 5669 E)

Schedule A form is a critical form in immigration to Canada. Failure to properly filling this form could cause refusal or inadmissibility.

PRTD validity and application – Permanent Resident Travel Document

A PRTD or Permanent Resident Travel Document allows a permanent resident without a valid PR card to travel to Canada.

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