Immigration to Canada

This category discusses immigration to Canada and issues related to immigrants and new immigrants to Canada.

Getting a divorce for Canadian immigration purposes

Is getting a divorce for immigration purposes an option? Can I later sponsor my divorced spouse or common-law partner?

One year wait time for an IMP C11 job offer for Express Entry

A one-year wait time is a must for most IMP C11 job offers under the Express Entry system, but why?

Speeding up the immigration or visa process in Canada

Can you speed up the processing of your visa or immigration application in Canada? Let’s explore your potential options.

The Express Entry process in Canada

Let’s explore the Express Entry process in Canada. By studying this article, you may understand the process and explore your options.

Can retired people immigrate to Canada?

Retired people may immigrate to Canada under exceptional circumstances. Let’s explore those situations in this article.

Upfront Immigration Medical Examination (IME) for Express Entry

IRCC has expanded the upfront immigration medical examination (IME) requirement to Express Entry applicants outside Canada.

Marrying while immigrating to Canada

Marrying while immigrating to Canada could affect your immigration application. Make sure you know your options.

Inadmissibility to Canada because of terrorism

Facing inadmissibility to Canada because of terrorism complicates an individual’s immigration and visa process significantly.

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