Immigration to Canada

This category discusses immigration to Canada and issues related to immigrants and new immigrants to Canada.

Can I Sponsor My Brothers or Sisters (Siblings) to Immigrate to Canada

Sponsoring siblings to Canada means you as a permanent resident or citizen of Canada are willing to sponsor your brother or sisters immigration application

Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

On July 16, 2010 a group of 29 immigrants took the oath of citizenship at Chatham courthouse. The ceremony was […]

Immigration to Canada: Spouse, Conjugal and Common-law Partner

The Canadian immigration laws and regulations consider three groups of people to be in marital relationship. The relationship is valid […]

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)

Click here for the newer version of this article! Chatham-Kent (CK) used to be my hometown from 2004 t0 2014.  […]

Can I Sponsor My Spouse (Wife/Husband) to Immigrate to Canada?

One of the objectives of the IRPA, or rather the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada, is “to see […]

Naturalized Citizen versus Born Citizen in Canada

People could become Canadian citizens by way of grant (naturalization) or by birth. How these options are available and what are the differences?

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