initiatives at Canadas ports of entry

Initiatives at Canada’s ports of entry

On January 26, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) joined other customs agencies worldwide to mark International Customs Day. This day is an opportunity for the World Customs Organization (WCO) Members, Secretariat and global Customs partners to reflect on a particular theme and to act upon it. This year’s theme is “nurturing the next generation by promoting a culture of knowledge-sharing and professional pride in customs”.

During that day, the CBSA highlighted the improvements they are making to contribute to the development of the next generation of customs officers, as well as the important initiatives at Canada’s ports of entry. Some of the initiatives include leveraging new technology for travellers and conveyances to reduce wait times.

This International Customs Day, we recognize the outstanding work that Canada’s Border Services Officers have done to keep prohibited firearms, narcotics and harmful goods out of Canada, while ensuring legitimate trade and travel can continue efficiently and safely.

The Honourable Marco E. L. Mendicino, Minister of Public Safety

This year will also mark the 20th anniversary of the CBSA.

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Key CBSA highlights

Between January 1 and December 31, 2022, the Canada Border Services Agency:

  • Welcomed over 60 million travellers into Canada, which represents approximately four times the 2021 volume
  • Processed 5,292,136 commercial trucks into Canada
  • Assessed over $39 billion in duties and taxes (Customs duties, Special Import Measures Act duties, GST and Excise taxes)
  • Kept over 1,100 firearms and 24,400 prohibited weapons off our streets
  • Intercepted over 409,714 kg of tobacco preventing revenue evasion
  • Seized 41,475.5 kg of illegal drugs, including 3,084 kg of Cocaine, 398 kg of Heroin, and 4 kg Fentanyl
  • Supported the negotiation of Free Trade Agreements with the United Kingdom and the European Union.
  • Established mutual recognition with Peru and the European Union to recognize each others’ Trusted Trader program members as low risk.

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Key CBSA initiatives

  • CBSA Advance Declaration: This initiative allows travellers to make their customs and immigration declaration up to 72 hours in advance of arriving in Canada. This feature, which save time at airports, is currently available at Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax and Québec City international airports. Moreover, it will be expanded to other airports in the coming months.
  • eGates: They were launched at Toronto Pearson International Airport for those travelling alone or in small groups to verify their identity and make their customs and immigration declaration faster. The new eGates, combined with the use of Primary Inspection Kiosks, are improving the flow of traffic at the arrivals hall, said the CBSA.

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  • Land Border Crossing Project: This project will see 24 ports of entry upgraded or replaced over seven years. The new infrastructure will improve service to travellers and commercial importers, as well as working conditions for officers.
  • The Secure Corridor Commercial Lane Enhancement project: This project was first launched as a pilot at the Ambassador Bridge. It aims to reduce crossing time with new technology that limits physical interaction between Border Services Officers and commercial drivers. Today, this project sees over 1,600 crossings per month, with an average processing time of 32 seconds per truck. In the future, these lanes will be available at other locations. Source: CBSA.

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