Living in Canada

We answer: How to live in Canada, how to find a job, how to settle, how to start a family, how to get education, how to get government aids.

Permanent resident applications and maintained status in Canada

Does a permanent resident application allow you to remain in Canada under a maintained status (or implied status)?

Status of people in Canada

Your status in Canada could affect your livelihood and interactions with other people and the authorities.

How long can I stay in Canada?

Canadian citizens may remain in Canada indefinitely. What about permanent residents, work permit or study permit holders, etc?

Work in Canada without authorization | Working illegally

Working without authorization in Canada could put you in trouble. It also has significant consequences for employers.

Can you travel to Canada with a missing or expired PR card?

Let’s explore the options who intend to travel to Canada with an expired PR card or if their card is being stolen.

register a business in ontario

You can now register a Business in Ontario without a Canadian Resident on the Board

Ontario will no longer require any resident Canadians on the Board of Directors when registering a business. This policy will […]

Learning the English language in Canada

Canada enjoys two rich official languages: French and English. About two-thirds of Canadians consider English as their language. Therefore, Canada […]

Can I stay in Canada?

You may stay in Canada if you are a Canadian citizen, but what about permanent residents or foreign nationals? What are the conditions?

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