Living in Canada

We answer: How to live in Canada, how to find a job, how to settle, how to start a family, how to get education, how to get government aids.

Understanding cultural transition: A quick review of the terminology

Let’s explore the main concepts related to cultural transition in Canada. The article includes some examples as well.

Third-culture kids (TCKs) and cross-culture kids (CCKs) in Canada

Despite facing numerous challenges, TCKs and CCKs enrich Canadian culture and broaden our horizons. Let’s delve into these concepts.

Permanent resident applications and maintained status in Canada

Does a permanent resident application allow you to remain in Canada under a maintained status (or implied status)?

Status of people in Canada

Your status in Canada could affect your livelihood and interactions with other people and the authorities.

How long can I stay in Canada?

Canadian citizens may remain in Canada indefinitely. What about permanent residents, work permit or study permit holders, etc?

Work in Canada without authorization | Working illegally

Working without authorization in Canada could put you in trouble. It also has significant consequences for employers.

Can you travel to Canada with a missing or expired PR card?

Let’s explore the options who intend to travel to Canada with an expired PR card or if their card is being stolen.

register a business in ontario

You can now register a Business in Ontario without a Canadian Resident on the Board

Ontario will no longer require any resident Canadians on the Board of Directors when registering a business. This policy will […]

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