Living in Canada

We answer: How to live in Canada, how to find a job, how to settle, how to start a family, how to get education, how to get government aids.

Who is a Temporary Foreign Worker?

Who is a foreign worker, and how to become a temporary foreign worker in Canada? The article explores these questions and more.

Smoking Weed in Canada – A Visa and Immigration Perspective

You’ve probably heard that recreational marijuana will be legal in Canada on October 17, 2018. What you may not know […]

A Multicultural Thanksgiving Brunch

Cultural Coalition of Chatham-Kent will run a fundraising event which at the same time promotes multiculturalism in Chatham-Kent. For more […]

The Internet Speed in Canada

If you live in Canada, you can access the Internet through several methods depending on where you live and your […]

Are My Savings Safe in Canada?

Canada is a leading country in terms of banking and investment. The sound financial system of Canada has turned this […]

Fixed versus Variable Interest Rates

Canadian financial institutions usually use two methods to calculate “interest rates”. The methods are almost identical for both borrowed money […]

Vocational Training in Ontario

Ontario vocational or rather job oriented training is usually offered by four types of educational institutes. Universities Community Colleges Private […]

Canadians Visa Restrictions

If you are a Canadian citizen who holds a valid passport then you might like to know if you need […]

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