The Latest IRCC Processing Times May 2023

Minor Changes in May IRCC Processing Times Despite Canadian Strike

The national president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) declared a strike on Wednesday, April 19. The labour disruption, which came to an end on May 1, impacted around 23 federal government departments and agencies, including services provided by IRCC

Despite the strike, this year IRCC is working toward its goal of processing 80% of applications within its service standards. A service standard is an internal benchmark IRCC sets to process applications for each line of business.

As part of its plan to reduce backlogs, IRCC is:

  • hiring more employees to speed up processing across all business lines;
  • reviewing and improving its processes so it can eliminate steps and use technologies to support its employees and speed up processing;
  • increasing permanent resident targets year after year to accommodate as many new immigrants as possible and further reduce the backlog.

In this article, we’ll explore the latest IRCC processing times (May 2023) for citizenship, family sponsorships and temporary resident visas. Also, for applications under economic immigration, humanitarian, refugees and caregivers visa categories.

Please note that these processing times help applicants are to have an idea of what to expect before submitting their application. However, IRCC could take a longer or shorter time to process an application.

Processing times for PR, citizenship, family sponsorships and temporary resident visas

As of May 2, 2023, processing times were the following:

1) PR cards and Citizenship

Application TypeCurrent processing timeCompared to April 2023
Renewing or replacing a PR card70 daysIncreased by 8 days
Waiting for the first card36 daysIncreased by 6 days
Citizenship grant22 monthsNo change
Certificate/Proof of citizenship11 monthsDecreased by 1 month
(Applications outside Canada and the United States may take longer)
Resumption of citizenship30 monthsNo change
Renunciation of citizenship14 monthsNo change
Search of citizenship record15 monthsNo change
Citizenship for adopted personsPart 1: 17 months
Part 2: Varies by complexity
Part 1: Increased by 5 months
Part 2: No change

2. Family Sponsorship

Application TypeCurrent processing timeCompared to April 2023
Spouse or common-law partner living inside Canada14 monthsNo change
Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada16 monthsNo change
Dependent childDepends on where the child livesDepends on where the child lives
Parents or grandparents25 monthsNo change
Adopted child/relativeDepends on where the adopted child/relative livesDepends on where the adopted child/relative lives

3. Temporary residence applications

Application TypeCurrent processing timeCompared to April 2023
Visitor visa outside CanadaVaries by countryVaries by country
Visitor visa inside Canada10 days online
27 days by paper
Decreased by 1 day online
Decreased by 6 days by paper
Visitor visa extension
(visitor record)
164 days online
110 days by paper
Decreased by 11 days online
Increased by 12 days by paper
Parents or grandparents Super VisaVaries by countryVaries by country
Study permit outside Canada7 weeksDecreased by 2 weeks
Study permit inside Canada3 weeksIncreased by 1 week
Study permit extension85 days online
230 days by paper
Increased 8 days online
Increased 131 days by paper
Work permit outside CanadaVaries by countryVaries by country
Work permit inside Canada 
(initial application or extension)
134 days online
12 days by paper
Decreased by 12 days online
Decreased by 5 days by paper
Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)35 days Increased by 9 days
International Experience CanadaCurrent season: 6 weeksIncreased by 2 weeks
Electronic Travel Authorization5 minutesNo change

<<IRCC assigned 59,456 applications to inactive immigration officers>>

Processing times for applications under the economic immigration, humanitarian, refugees and caregivers visa category

The processing times for applications under Economic Immigration, humanitarian, refugees and caregivers, were the following:

Application TypeCurrent processing timeCompared to April 2023
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
online via Express Entry
4 monthsDecreased by 1 month

– Home Child Care Provider Pilot

– Home Support Worker Pilot
Experience 24 months or more: 30 months

Experience 24 months or more:
35 months
Experience 24 months or more: No change

Experience less than 24 months:
Increased by 9 months
Provincial Nominee Program
online via Express Entry
10 monthsNo change
Non-Express Entry PNP19 monthsDecreased by 1 month
Self-employed persons (Federal)46 monthsIncreased by 2 months
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
online via Express Entry
26 monthsDecreased by 1 month
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
online via Express Entry
Not providedNot provided
Atlantic Immigration Program5 monthsIncreased by 1 month
Quebec skilled worker21 monthsIncreased by 1 month
Quebec business class68 monthsIncreased by 1 month
Start-up visa36 months Increased by 1 month
Humanitarian & Compassionate22 monthsNo change
Government-assisted and Privately sponsored
Depends on where you are applying fromDepends on where you are applying from
– Application for permanent resident status for protected persons and convention refugees (in Canada)25 months Increased by 1 month

This data was retrieved from the Government of Canada, on May 2, 2023. Therefore, it is subject to change on the website due to fresh updates.

Also, please be aware that IRCC calculates processing time based on the time it took to process previous similar applications. The processing time begins when IRCC receives the application and ends when the immigration officer has decided on the application. Moreover, the processing time may vary on how the application was submitted on paper or online.

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