Move to Canada

The articles under this category describe how you may move to Canada and live here. These include immigration, seeking asylum, and temporary stay (such as study and work in Canada)

Eligibility versus admissibility in visa and immigration to Canada

Eligibility and admissibility are two decisive factors in any form of interaction with the immigration authorities in Canada.

One year wait time for an IMP C11 job offer for Express Entry

A one-year wait time is a must for most IMP C11 job offers under the Express Entry system, but why?

The Express Entry process in Canada

Let’s explore the Express Entry process in Canada. By studying this article, you may understand the process and explore your options.

Can retired people immigrate to Canada?

Retired people may immigrate to Canada under exceptional circumstances. Let’s explore those situations in this article.

Upfront Immigration Medical Examination (IME) for Express Entry

IRCC has expanded the upfront immigration medical examination (IME) requirement to Express Entry applicants outside Canada.

Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR)

The Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) form is an important document that reflects an immigration category code among other key information about your permanent residence in Canada.

Travelling or immigrating to Canada with monkeypox

It seems monkeypox is our new reality. However, can monkeypox affect your plans to move to Canada? Let’s explore this […]

Who can I sponsor to Canada?

As a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Canada, you may sponsor some of your family members for immigration, but who?

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