Move to Canada

The articles under this category describe how you may move to Canada and live here. These include immigration, seeking asylum, and temporary stay (such as study and work in Canada)

Immigration to Canada for Athletes, Coaches, and Athletic Events Organizers

The federal self-employed class is an opportunity for professional athletes to immigrate to Canada. However, you need to meet specific criteria.

Travel to Canada

Who Does not Need an eTA to Travel to Canada?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an electronic document that allows visa-exempt travellers fly to Canada or transit through Canada. […]

Crossing Canadian Border

Express Entry Visa – How to Move to Canada Series

Explaining the Express Entry immigration to Canada in a nutshell. This article briefly explains the new stream of immigration to Canada.

Who is a Spousal Sponsor for Immigration to Canada? – How to Move to Canada Series

Who can sponsor their spouses to Canada? How spouses can move to Canada? How to immigrate to Canada under spousal sponsorship?

Definition of Spouse for the Purpose of Sponsorship to Canada

In order to sponsor your spouse to Canada you need to make sure you fall into the definition spousal relationship for the purpose of immigration to Canada.

Immigration under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to Canada

PNP or provincial nominee program targets immigration to specific provinces in Canada rather than Federal immigration.

How to Move to Canada – Provincial Programs

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) are immigration procedures unique to Canadian provinces. They help in distributing the population of immigrants in all provinces of Canada.

How to Move to Canada – Federal Programs

Federal programs for immigration to Canada allow you live and work anywhere in Canada.

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