Move to Canada

The articles under this category describe how you may move to Canada and live here. These include immigration, seeking asylum, and temporary stay (such as study and work in Canada)

Who can I sponsor to Canada?

As a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Canada, you may sponsor some of your family members for immigration, but who?

A special temporary resident option for Ukrainians – CUAET

Canada has launched a special temporary resident option for Ukrainians: Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET).

What is permanent residency in Canada? | PR Status

Permanent residency in Canada is exciting and offers many benefits. It also comes with many obligations. Let’s explore PR status in Canada.

Offering immigration services: real or a scam?

The immigration services in Canada include many unauthorized practitioners. It would be best if you stayed away from them.

Canada Immigration 2022

Let’s explore different immigration options to Canada in 2022. The article explores permanent and temporary opportunities.

eCOPR – Electronic Confirmation of Permanent Residence in Canada

eCOPR is a new option for confirming the permanent residence of immigration applicants inside Canada. You receive your Confirmation of Permanent Residence electronically.

LICO Table 2022 – Low Income Cut-Off Canada

LICO table 2022 reflects the low-income cut-off or, rather, the poverty line in Canada. The article also shows LICO for 2018 and 2021.

ITA or Invitation to Apply in Canadian Immigration

ITA or Invitation to Apply is critical in most online federal and provincial immigration options to Canada.

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