Move to Canada

The articles under this category describe how you may move to Canada and live here. These include immigration, seeking asylum, and temporary stay (such as study and work in Canada)

Ontario Census Metropolitan Areas

The location of the business you pick for the Ontario Entrepreneur Stream could affect your EOI points. Ontario Census Metropolitan Areas (CMA) are crucial.

Sponsor Undeclared Family Members Canada

Thanks to a pilot program by IRCC, you could sponsor your undeclared family members to Canada. However, you need to meet the requirements.

IRCC Increases the Processing Fees by Fifty Percent

The government of Canada will increase the processing fees for many immigration options to Canada by 50%. This video explains the details of this increase.

IRCC Web Form – Contact CIC

IRCC webform enables you to contact Canadian immigration authorities also known as CIC. The current video shows you how use the IRCC web form.

Canada Refugee Program

Canada refugee program allows people to immigrate to Canada as refugees. The applicants may be resettled to Canada or apply in Canada or at a port of entry.

Direct Immigration to Canada, a Dream?

Direct immigration to Canada means you have no previous association with the country, yet you can immigrate to Canada. Is this a dream or a reality?

Video: Spousal Sponsorship Canada

Spousal sponsorship is a typical immigration option for those who marry Canadians or the permanent residents of Canada. This video explains this option.

Fake Marriage Canada – Sham Marriage for Immigration Purposes

Fake marriage or sham marriage is also known as the marriage of convenience and refers to marriage for the purpose of immigration to Canada…

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