New Code of Professional Conduct for consultants

New Code of Professional Conduct for consultants

A new Code of Professional Conduct for consultants licensed under the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) is now in effect. The new Code provides strong ethical and professional standards that all licensed consultants must follow. Moreover, it replaces the RCIC Code of Professional Ethics and the RISIA Code of Ethics.

The Code of Professional Conduct applies to licensees, including in respect of any pro bono immigration or citizenship consulting services offered or provided by them. “Licensees who fail to meet professional standards in their professional or personal capacity could be subject to professional disciplinary proceedings,” said the College in a Press Release.

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In May of last year, IRCC released a draft of the Code for public comment. Also, the College hosted webinars for its licensees to provide an overview of the new requirements. According to the College Press Release, many of the provisions from that draft Code have been amended.

“The coming into force of the new Code significantly enhances the professional standards required of Canada’s immigration consultants and international student immigration advisors,” said John Murray, President & CEO of the College. “The new Code is comprehensive, and underscores, to licensees and prospective clients that the immigration consulting profession is regulated in the public interest.”

What will happen with Current Practitioners?

If you have hired a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, don’t panic! They remain the authorized representatives. Current practitioners have already transitioned into members of CICC. They also received a certificate with the logo of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.

Further, the College is now developing an Interpretation Guide to assist licensees in interpreting the Code’s provisions. The College will also provide other opportunities, including webinars, to engage licensees in understanding various aspects of the new Code.

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Does Parsai Immigration Services have proper licences?

Al Parsai is a member of CICC. He has practiced as a licensed practitioner since Jan 17, 2011. Moreover, Al manages our main office in downtown Toronto. While CICC does not offer licences to corporations, they recognize the practitioners who manage those organizations. Also, David Akinmoluwa, who practices under Parsai Immigration Services, is a member of CICC. David operates in Edmonton, Alberta.

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