Foreign Worker and International Students

Ontario invites Foreign Worker and International Students

Today, September 21st, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) issued targeted invitations to apply to candidates of the Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker and International Student streams. In addition, the province invited candidates registered for the Regional Immigration Pilot who may qualify for the streams mentioned above.

A total of 995 candidates who had profiles in the Expression of Interest (EOI) system pool were invited. Here we will show you the numbers in detail!

OINP Draws

Foreign Worker stream

OINP issued 406 invitations for applicants with profiles created between April 28, 2021, and September 21, 2021. These candidates needed a score of at least 37 and above. This is a general draw, which means that there were no targeted occupations or location requirements.

International Student stream

The OINP also conducted a separate general draw for International Students with a score of 61 and above. For this draw, the province invited 523 candidates with profiles created between April 28, 2021, and September 21, 2021.

Regional Immigration Pilot candidates

In addition, another 66 invitations were issued to Regional Immigration Pilot candidates who may qualify for the same two Employer Job Offer streams.

  • Foreign Worker stream: 36 invitations
  • International Student stream: 30 invitations

As you may know, if you received an invitation to apply, you don’t need to contact the program. You’ll get a message in your account telling you what to do next.

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If you receive an invitation to apply

If you are invited to apply, you need to submit your application within 14 calendar days from the date you receive the invitation.

To apply, the OINP suggests:

  • First, enter the Ontario immigration website.
  • Then, Log into your ONe-key account as a returning user from your My Applications page.
  • Further, click on the file number link to begin your application.

You must be aware that it takes a minimum of two hours to complete an application. You don’t have to complete the application all at once. Also, you should have your credit card ready, and be ready to scan and upload your supporting documents.

After you apply

After you (or a representative) submits your application, you will get a confirmation email. You can check the status of your application through your account in the OINP e-Filing Portal at any time.

Once you are nominated, your need to apply to the federal government through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residence. Of course, IRCC makes the final decision on who becomes a permanent resident.

About the Employer Job Offer

The Employer Job Offer (Foreign Worker and International Student) are immigration streams under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). Moreover, it gives foreign workers with a job offer in a skilled occupation the opportunity to apply for a nomination from the OINP to permanently live and work in Ontario.

Foreign Worker Stream

  • You need to accumulate the equivalent of two years of work experience in a skilled occupation,
  • Of course, you need to have an eligible job offer in Ontario
  • Intend to immigrate to the province, among other requirements.

Further, if you want to apply for this Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs), you must register an EOI profile on the Ontario website. After registering your profile, it will go into the EOI pool. Moreover, Ontario will give you a score based on the information you submit.

International Student stream

  • You need to have completed a program at a Canadian Designated Learning Institution
  • Have an eligible job offer in Ontario
  • Also, you intend to immigrate to the province, among other requirements.

Similar to the Foreign worker stream, you have to register an EOI profile on the Ontario website. Your profile will then go into the EOI pool, and you will get a score based on the files you submit.

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