Ontario new scoring factors

Ontario: New Expression of Interest Scoring Factors

On November 16, Ontario PNP, also known as Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), adopted the new National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2021 system. As part of this transition, the OINP announced several updates, including that:

  • its OINP e-filing system will be temporarily closed between November 16 and November 21, 2022;
  • individuals with expression of interest (EOI) profiles submitted before November 16, 2022 will need to re-submit their EOIs; and
  • there were changes to expression of interest scoring.

In this article, we’ll focus on the new expression of interest scoring factors. But before entering into the details, let’s explore what is an expression of interest (EOI).

<<An opportunity to permanently live in Ontario: Human Capital Priorities Stream>>

Expression of interest (EOI)

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program uses an expression of interest system to manage its applications for the following streams:

Before you can apply to these streams, you must register an expression of interest to let the OINP know you wish to be invited to apply. Registering an EOI is not the same as applying to the OINP or applying for permanent residency. It only allows the OINP to gather important information about you to rank and select those who are most likely to meet their labour market needs.

Once submitted, your expression of interest registration will then be entered into a selection pool. Each OINP stream has its own selection pool. You can only apply to Ontario’s streams if you are invited.

Expression of Interest Scoring Factors

OINP chooses candidates to invite based on one or more of the following attributes:

  • education – level and field of education and where it was completed
  • language – English or French
  • regional immigration – intention to settle outside of the Greater Toronto Area
  • skill and work experience level
  • earnings history
  • other factors relevant to employment prospects – job offer in Ontario, Canadian work experience
  • strategic priorities – attributes that would address immediate labour market needs in Ontario or a region of Ontario

Please note that the Entrepreneur stream uses different scoring factors for its expression of interest system.

In addition, Ontario scores your answers using the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system to assign points to your job offer and Canadian work experience. If you are invited to apply, you need to submit specific documents to support each scoring factor for which you received points.

It is important to note that scoring factors are not the same as stream criteria. Therefore, you must meet all the criteria for the stream you wish to apply and provide the mandatory documents with your application.

Employment / labour market factors

Job offer: NOC TEERJob offer: broad occupational categoryJob offer: wage
– NOC TEER category 0 or 1: 10 Points
– NOC TEER category 2 or 3: 8 Points
– NOC TEER category 4: 0 Points
– NOC TEER category 5: 0 Points
– Occupational Category 0, 2, 3: 10 points
– Occupational Category 7: 7 points
– Occupational Category 1, 9: 5 points
– Occupational Category 4, 8: 4 points
– Occupational Category 5, 6: 3 points
– $40 per hour or higher: 10 points
– $35 to $39.99 per hour: 8 points
– $30 to $34.99 per hour: 7 points
– $25 to $29.99 per hour: 6 points
– $20 to $24.99 per hour: 5 points
– Less than $20 per hour: 0 points
Work permit statusJob tenure with job offer employerCanadian work experience: earnings history
– With valid work permit: 10 points
– Without valid work permit: 0 points
– 6 months or more working in job offer position: 3 points
– Less than 6 months working in job offer position or not currently working in position: 0 points
Based on a Notice of Assessment issued by the Canada Revenue Agency in the last five years.
– $40k or more earnings in a year: 3 points
– Less than $40k earnings in a year: 0 points


Highest level of educationField of studyCanadian education experience
Canadian credential or Educational Credential Assessment required.
– PhD: 10 points
– Masters: 8 points
– Bachelors or equivalent: 6 points
– College diploma or trade certificate: 5 points
– Less than college or trade certificate: 0 points
Canadian credential required.
– STEM/health (engineering, health, math, computer science) and trades: 12 points
– All other fields [except arts and humanities] (business and administration, social, legal, education, behavioral science): 6 points
– Arts and humanities: 0 points
Credential from a Canadian public institution that takes at least two years to complete on a full-time basis, or that takes at least one year to complete on a full-time basis and requires a degree as an admission requirement.
– More than one Canadian credential: 10 points
– One Canadian credential: 5 points


Official language abilityKnowledge of official languages
– CLB 9 or higher: 10 points
– CLB 8: 6 points
– CLB 7: 4 points
– CLB 6 or lower: 0 points
– 2 Official Languages: 10 points
– 1 Official Language: 5 points


Regional immigration: location of job offerRegional immigration: location of study
– Northern Ontario: 10 points
– Other areas outside GTA (except Northern Ontario): 8 points
– Inside GTA (except Toronto): 3 points
– Toronto: 0 points
– Northern Ontario: 10 points
– Other areas outside GTA (except Northern Ontario): 8 points
– Inside GTA (except Toronto): 3 points
– Toronto: 0 points

Source: OINP Website

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