OINP nominees in 2021

Ontario’s Nominations go mostly to Indian and Chinese applicants

In 2021, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) was able to nominate 9,000 individuals with job offers from over 2,200 employers in Ontario. That year’s OINP nominees came from over 130 different countries. According to the OINP website, the highest number of nominations were made to applicants from India and China.

Let’s explore which countries Ontario’s nominees come from.

Nominees by countries of birth

Country of birthNumber of nominations
South Korea139
All other countries1,496
Grand total9,000
According to the OINP’s website, at least 39% of these nominees already had a job offer in Ontario prior to nomination.

Even though the program was able to nominate 9,000 individuals in 2021, the OINP continues to experience substantial demand for its streams, “far surpassing its annual nomination allocation” said the province.

2021 OINP nominations by streams

2021’s nominations were issued under the following streams:

StreamNumber of nominations
Employer Job Offer: International Student stream1,240
Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills stream540
Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream1,705
PhD Graduate stream212
Masters Graduate stream1,202
Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trades stream177
Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream3,513
Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream410
Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream1
Grand total9,000

In 2021, roughly 15% of nominees had work experience in a skilled trade. In addition, over 800 nominations were made under the program’s Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker and In-Demand Skills streams

The OINP also nominated health workers to address labour shortages in health care. The program nominated over 100 health care workers in 2021, including approximately 50 personal support workers.

To explore the top 10 occupations nominated by Ontario, please click here.

About the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The OINP allows the province to nominate, for permanent residence, individuals who have the skills and experience to contribute to Ontario’s economy. With an Ontario nomination, individuals then apply to the federal government, through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residence.

You can learn more about immigration under the Provincial Nominee Programhere.

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