Parsai Immigration Services sponsors first Latin Stand-up Comedy Festival

Parsai Immigration Services is an official sponsor of the first Latin American Stand-up Comedy Fest in Spanish. The event took place at 8 p.m. on March 6 and 7, 2020, at the Regent Theatre in Toronto. A span of two days, 18 comedians from over 10 countries and 700+ attendees—the first Latin Comedy Fest was a success.

International award-winning comedians, public speaking coaches and founders of MalPensando, Stephan Dyer and Juan Cajiao, were two of the 18 comedians who performed at the fest. They focus on turning stress into humour which is what the first Latin Comedy Fest was all about.

Many other internationally recognized Latin American comedians also performed. Theses comedians are from the countries and territories of Cuba, Peru, Chile, Spain, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico.

This was the lineup for day one on Friday, March 6: 

Opener: Yue Yang

  1. Pepe Quiroga
  2. Dolino
  3. Juan Jose Covarrubias
  4. Stephen Dyer
  5. Virginia Castillo
  6. Myr Ramirez
  7. Felix Buenaventur
  8. LuisMi García

This was the lineup for day two on Saturday, March 7:

Opener: Jorge Cisneros

  1. Sexy George
  2. Vanessa Zavatti
  3. Juan Cajiao
  4. Nina Rancel
  5. Armando Hernández
  6. Juan Pablo Amado
  7. Pablo Montoya
  8. Fran Hevia

Doha Hanno Publicist, Parsai Immigration Services

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