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Parsai Immigration ServicesThe following logos reflect some of the organizations that Parsai Immigration Services has been partnered with, supported, or offered our services to them. If you want to join our network, please contact our office.

Parsai Immigration Services has represented hundreds of clients from more than 20 countries to immigration authorities at the Federal and provincial levels since January 2011. We offer Consultation and representation in Canadian Visa, Work Permit, Study Permit, immigration and citizenship to our individual and corporate clients.

 Toronto Wolfpack - Professional Rugby Team British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce
Toronto Alliance for Performing Arts


 Theatre Ontario
Toronto Marathon  akin projects
 The Modern Times Stage Company Nowadays Theatre
 New Wave Artistic Group
Phoenix Cultural Center of Toronto  Eran Gallery Collection
CineIran Festival


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Al Parsai

Al Parsai is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in Toronto, Canada. He is an adjunct professor at Queen's University Law School and Ashton College. Al, who holds a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from York University, is a member of CICC and CAPIC organizations. Al, the CEO of Parsai Immigration Services, has represented thousands of applicants from more than 50 countries to the immigration authorities since January 2011.

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