PR Online Application Portal

PR Online Application Portal: Guidance for clients and representatives

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A new Permanent Residence Online Application Portal will be available to authorized representatives by September 2021. Now, these representatives can submit permanent residence applications (non-Express Entry) online on behalf of their clients.

According to IRCC, representatives will be able to use the PR Online Application Portal to manage these applications from a single account. This means that from one account they can apply for multiple clients for permanent residence application streams. However, paper applications will remain available for those who need accommodations.

Guidance for immigration representatives

Once the PR Online Application Portal is available, representatives must enter and confirm their client’s email address. After that, clients will receive an automatic email indicating that a representative started an application on their behalf.

Representatives will then select the program that their client is applying under. They also have to fill out the forms (digital and PDF formats) and upload the supporting documentation. This includes a copy of the payment receipt for application fees.

It is important to know that if a form requires a third-party signature, this must be printed and signed by hand by both the principal applicant and sponsor. For example, family class sponsorship forms or other forms requiring a sponsor’s signature. Then the representatives need to upload an electronic copy showing the signatures. The same applies to the Use of a Representative (IMM 5476) form (PDF, 2.2 MB).

<<Read: Updates to the ‘Use of a Representative’ form>>

Guidance for clients

Once a representative fills out the application, the client needs to log in to the client-side of the portal. In order to do this, they need to use their own credentials to review and electronically sign the declaration and consent form.

Also, clients should review and sign the declaration only when the application is completed. The representative will then be able to submit it on their behalf.

Note that, except for the signatures on the declaration and consent page and the IMM 5669 form, the client will not be able to make any changes to their application.

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