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This section of the website is dedicated to short Questions and Answers (Q&A) about visas and immigration to Canada. If you have any questions, you may consider posting them below. Of course, we will answer general questions on the website, and for specific answers, we will ask you to book an appointment with our immigration consultant, Al Parsai.

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    Cancel an immigration representative in Canada

    Sometimes you need to cancel an immigration representative for a valid reason. Let’s learn how to make this happen.

    Add an application to your online IRCC portal

    Adding an application to the IRCC portal takes a few steps. You may also face hurdles. Let’s explore the steps and troubleshooting.

    Global Talent Stream work permit in Canada

    The Global Talent Stream (GTS) LMIA and work permit combination could assist employers in hiring foreign national professionals.

    Submitting two extension applications for remaining in Canada

    Submitting two extension applications in Canada to changing status or remaining in the country is possible, but complicating.

    IMP C10, a work permit in Canada because of significant benefits

    With an IMP C10 work permit you could apply without an LMIA letter. However, you must show significant benefits for Canada.

    How to view and fill out immigration forms

    Depending on the format, viewing or filling out immigration forms could be challenging. A how to approach…

    Who is the principal applicant in Canadian immigration?

    Who is the principal applicant in immigration, visa, or citizenship applications in Canada? What about refugee cases?

    Medical examination for a visa or immigration to Canada

    Medical examination is a necessary element of many visa and immigration applications in Canada. The outcome could affect your admissibility.

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