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This section of the website is dedicated to short Questions and Answers (Q&A) about visas and immigration to Canada. If you have any questions, you may consider posting them below. Of course, we will answer general questions on the website, and for specific answers, we will ask you to book an appointment with our immigration consultant, Al Parsai.

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    What is an e-APR in Canada?

    e-APR is a relatively new concept in the world of immigration to Canada. This article explains e-APR in detail.

    Two-week processing time for work permit applications in Canada – Global Skills Strategy

    Some work permit applications in Canada qualify for two-week processing. However, you must know the criteria and the realities.

    Transitional work permit for inside Canada applicants

    A transitional work permit that lasts a few weeks is a new measure in Canada for temporary foreign workers, but what does it mean?

    Can international students quit their studies in Canada?

    Can international students quit studying in Canada, and if yes, what are the potential consequences for them?

    Dependent type A B C in immigration to Canada

    Some Canadian immigration forms refer to “dependent type A B C.” This article explains who these dependents are.

    Permit vs visa in Canada | work, study, travel, or stay

    The “permit vs visa in Canada” article is an effort to designate these two important Canadian immigration elements from each other.

    Standard of proof in immigration to Canada

    The standard of proof in the context of immigration and citizenship in Canada plays a significant role. Let’s explore this concept.

    A temporary file number in Canada – immigration, visa, and permits

    A temporary file number in the Canadian immigration system could be confusing. Why IRCC issues these numbers, and what do they mean?

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