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This section of the website is dedicated to short Questions and Answers (Q&A) about visas and immigration to Canada. If you have any questions, you may consider posting them below. Of course, we will answer general questions on the website, and for specific answers, we will ask you to book an appointment with our immigration consultant, Al Parsai.

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    Comparing V-1, WX-1, SX-1, and B-1 visas in Canada

    V-1, WX-1, SX-1, or B-1 visas could be the outcome of your intention to travel to Canada. They also could affect your degree of freedom.

    Work experience for CEC v. FSW under the Express Entry

    By comparing the work experience requirements for CEC versus FSW, you’ll be able to assist your clients as an RCIC better.

    One year wait time for an IMP C11 job offer for Express Entry

    A one-year wait time is a must for most IMP C11 job offers under the Express Entry system, but why?

    Speeding up the immigration or visa process in Canada

    Can you speed up the processing of your visa or immigration application in Canada? Let’s explore your potential options.

    Removing an enforcement flag – border crossing issues

    Enforcement flags cause you to face scrutiny every time you try to enter Canada at a port of entry. Let’s see how you may remove them.

    The Express Entry process in Canada

    Let’s explore the Express Entry process in Canada. By studying this article, you may understand the process and explore your options.

    How to verify my immigration consultant

    How to verify my immigration consultant

    We know that sometimes it is difficult to trust people or companies to carry out your immigration process in Canada. […]

    RCIC-IRB v. RCIC – Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

    RCIC-IRB is a special designation that some of the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants hold.

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