RCIC Digest

RCIC DigestRCIC Digest targets Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and other licensed practitioners. Since I deliver courses and mentorship sessions for my colleagues, I receive many interesting questions from them. Consequently, I decided to dedicate a section of this website to these questions.

Who is an RCIC?

An RCIC is a College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) member. RCICs may offer immigration advice and represent people to the immigration authorities. I have another article that explains the scope of practice for a typical RCIC.

Why RCIC Digest?

This website section, RCIC Digest, mainly addresses licensed RCICs and other licensed practitioners. Of course, if you are not an RCIC, an immigration lawyer, or a paralegal, you may still read the content of this section and benefit from it.

Mentorship sessions for RCICs

I do not limit my services to RCIC Digest. You may book mentorship sessions with me if you are an RCIC or another licensed practitioner. A typical session covers the following:

  • Answering your questions about a specific case
  • Discussing an immigration process or policy
  • Answering questions about the issues applicants could face and how to resolve them

Regardless of mentorship sessions, please continue reading RCIC Digest and suggesting topics to me.

Topics relevant to RCIC Digest

The following topics are not under this category, but you may find them helpful:

If you believe I have to add this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The topics in this category

Section 16(1) and 40(1) in Canadian procedural fairness letters (PFL)

Receiving a procedural fairness letter that contains either subsection 16(1) or 40(1) of IRPA is concerning.

Work experience for CEC v. FSW under the Express Entry

By comparing the work experience requirements for CEC versus FSW, you’ll be able to assist your clients as an RCIC better.

Time limits for IRB Canada – Meeting the deadlines

IRB time limits in Canada affect how you may proceed with an immigration or refugee hearing at ID, IAD, RPD, or RAD divisions.

Do you have any questions?