Refugee Claims

Two-Pronged Test in Addressing Internal Flight Alternative (IFA)

Explore the definition of IFA (Internal Flight Alternative) and the crucial two-pronged test in refugee claims and PRRA applications.

Grounds for Persecution under IRPA: Refugee Claims in Canada

Understanding the grounds of persecution in refugee claims helps you assess your refugee clients in Canada.

The Non-Comparative Approach to Refugee Claims in Canada

Explore Canada’s Non-Comparative Approach for refugee claims, focusing on individual risks, not general comparisons.

Crafting Refugee Claim Narratives: Your Guide & Template

Discover how to craft a compelling refugee narrative for your Canadian asylum claim with our guide and template. Learn key elements.

Agent of persecution or harm in refugee claims in Canada

Knowing the agent of persecution could assist the refugee claimant to better explain their issues and the RPD to decide on a claim.

Canada continues as world leader in refugee resettlement

Canada continues as world leader in refugee resettlement, UNHCR report shows

According to the annual Global Trends Report released by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Canada was the largest receiver of resettled refugees […]

Time limits for IRB Canada – Meeting the deadlines

IRB time limits in Canada affect how you may proceed with an immigration or refugee hearing at ID, IAD, RPD, or RAD divisions.

Can international students file a refugee claim in Canada?

Refugee claims could result in permanent residency in Canada. However, can international students benefit from this option?

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