Refugee Claims

Moving to Canada as a refugee in 2021

By moving to Canada as a refugee in 2021, you could eventually become a permanent resident of Canada. However, you need to know the rules.

Canada Immigration News – EMPP for Refugees, EE draw, PNP updates, June 27, 2020

Canada Immigration News on June 26, 2020, covers recent immigration news including EMPP for Refugees, EE draw and PNP invitations.

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment Canada – PRRA

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment or PRRA is a process to make sure a removal order from Canada won’t send a person to an unsafe country. Eligibility varies.

Canada Immigration News – May 4, 2020

This video discusses some of the latest news in the field of immigration to Canada. It shows how COVID-19 has affected the visa and immigration process.

Submitting a Refugee claim during coronavirus pandemic

News Alert: During coronavirus pandemic, you may still file for refugee status. However, you need to use an email to submit a refugee claim.

Canada Immigration News – May 2, 2020

A video on the latest developments in Canada immigration during the COVID-19 pandemic! Canada Immigration News is a new feature on our website.

Canada Refugee Program

Canada refugee program allows people to immigrate to Canada as refugees. The applicants may be resettled to Canada or apply in Canada or at a port of entry.

Canada Accepts Refugees from Every Country!

The government of Canada removed the list of designated countries for the purpose of asylum seekers. As a result, all nationalities may file for refugee.

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