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Regulations for Quebec’s 2021-2022 immigration applications

The province of Quebec recently posted their new immigration targets for 2021-2022. Now, they are expanding on the limits and qualifications for these targets.

Collective Sponsorship

The governmental body in charge of immigration for Quebec has set the period for collective sponsorship of refugees to between January 18 – February 16, 2022. This is for both organizations and groups of 2-5 people.
The Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Integration (MIFI) has recently reinforced its application process to allow organizations to submit applications.

There will be a limit of 825 sponsorships for all sponsors. There will be a random draw to select applications if the total number of applications exceeds the limit.

Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers

The limits for these two categories have not changed since last year. For entrepreneurs, the limit is 25 non-francophone workers in Stream 1 (Innovation). Stream 2 (Start-up/Acquisition of a business) is suspended until December 31, 2022. For Self-Employed Workers, the limit is 50 non-francophone applicants.

For both these categories, if an applicant has oral knowledge of French of level 7 or higher of the Québec scale of French language proficiency levels (for adult immigrants) then they don’t need to take these limits into account.

Pilot programs

The application period for the following programs is between November 3, 2021 – December 31, 2022. However, applications will close once their limits are reached. Of course, this means applications submitted earlier have better chances of success.

According to the news release these are the limits for applications to the pilot programs:

  • food processing workers pilot program: 600 applications
  • orderlies pilot program: 600 applications
  • artificial intelligence (AI), information technologies and visual effects (IT-VE) pilot programs:
    • 300 applications in the AI Stream, including a maximum of 150 non-Francophone candidates
    • 300 applications in the IT-VE Stream, including a maximum of 150 non-Francophone candidates

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